Every summer, Ha Thanh girls eagerly take pictures with lotus (photo: Huy Hoang Doan).

The camisole is the most chosen outfit by girls when taking pictures with this flower symbolizing pure Vietnamese beauty (photo: Huy Hoang Doan).

The girls wear colorful bibs, posing in a variety of ways by the fragrant lotus lake (photo: Huy Hoang Doan).


They are not afraid to wade in the mud, even rolling, crawling, crawling by the wooden bridge to get the pictures of a lifetime (photo: Huy Hoang Doan).

The girl’s curve stands out in a red bib (photo: Luong Trung Kien).

The girl is bold, ready to take off her bib to show her bare back (photo: Le Xuan Bach).


Minh Thu (pedagogy girl) is not too hard, but still has a beautiful background picture with lotus (photo: Pai Tran).

The young woman’s springtime features appear in the lotus pond (photo: Huy Hoang Doan)

Can be images of children, standing, flowers and outdoors


Behind these beautiful and poetic pictures are the efforts of the model and the photographer (Photo: Le Xuan Bach).


Can be a picture of one or more people, people standing, flowers and outdoors

Under the suggestion of professional photographers, the girls easily chose the best angle (photo: Pai Tran).
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The image of a young girl in spring is a prominent highlight in the vast lotus lake (photo: Cuong Pluto).

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This is the first time Bui Linh (20 years old) has taken a photo with lotus. She did not expect that it would be so difficult to have a beautiful, gentle and graceful image on the lotus side (photo: Cuong Pluto).

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Bui Linh aims at the beauty full of & nbsp; the vitality of a young woman mixed with the idyllic beauty of the lotus flower (photo: Cuong Pluto).

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A girl is ready to wade through the mud to take a good picture (photo: Le Xuan Bach).

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Many girls want to save a beautiful moment with the lotus late at night (photo: Luong Trung Kien).

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