Duyen Hip’s real name is Ha My Duyen, born in 1996, she is currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. 9x beauty currently owns 621K followers on social networks, hot girl Sai Thanh is known by the online community as a girl with a sexy body, likes to loose, wears a deep cut skirt. In addition to her beautiful face, Duyen Hip’s body is always a bright spot to help her become the focus of all eyes.

Knowing that she has the advantage of a perfect body, she often wears short outfits, showing off her body thoroughly. People often compliment this hot girl as beautiful as a living doll because of her sweet beauty but her body is extremely hot.

Duyen Hip 14

Duyen Hip is a famous sexy hot girl who always makes the opposite person whisper with a perfect body like a model. Owning a personal page with hundreds of thousands of followers, this 9x girl is one of the hottest faces on social networks today.

The fashion style that Duyen Hip pursues is as sexy and daring as possible. She always chooses body-hugging outfits to highlight her sexy curves and especially her first bust. Duyen often posts pictures posing with two-piece bikinis that burn viewers’ eyes because they’re too sexy.

Duyen Hip 21

Duyen’s body curves are likened to a doll, even as beautiful as a statue with a full chest, an “ant” waist and a fiery butt. In terms of beauty, this girl has young, cute single eyelid eyes, other features are quite small and pretty.

To get in shape with a standard hourglass curve like hot girl Duyen Hip is not easy, especially for chubby or skinny girls. To improve the physique, requires women to work harder and more persistent.


Many people think that a beautiful body must be thin, the lighter the weight, the more beautiful it is. This is not necessarily an exact rule because everyone has different height and skeletal proportions, so the standard weight of each person is also completely different. If you want to have a body with a standard 3-round measurement, you must have a larger bust and a larger butt, so you must achieve a standard weight to tone muscles and reduce excess fat.

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To create the perfect curve effect for the body, women must have a flat waist and measure under 60cm. There is no more effective way than hard exercise every day in reducing the size and shrinking the belly. Therefore, spend about 20 minutes a day to increase fat burning around the abdominal area.


In order for the curve to be always full of energy and health, you must have a nutritious diet, not excessive dieting that makes your body weak and lacking in nutrients. Just cut down on starch, sweets and animal fat, increase your intake of dairy, vegetable fat, lean meat, eggs to tone muscles more effectively.

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Duyen Hip is known in the village of beautiful Vietnamese girls for a long time thanks to her slim body with a huge bust, a small waist, a big and full bust. Although the beauty is not too beautiful, in return, the slim body makes Duyen Hip become the nostalgia of many boys. Recently, this beauty captivated fans when she posted a photo showing off her beautiful body in a black bikini.

Duyen Hip is a very hot new sexy beauty on social networks. Just going on a trip, but wearing outstanding and sexy clothes that are second to none. The deep neckline that shows off her huge bust is her favorite type of dress. The bikini is compact and economical because she uses it a lot.

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Possessing a beautiful face and sexy body, Duyen often shows off this advantage. However, she also catches up with fashion trends with many secrets of dressing well for girls.


Currently, Duyen Hip’s personal Instagram page attracts 705,000 followers. On her personal page, Duyen Hip often posts hot photos. If in the past, she posted photos of selling clothes, recently, the beauty has shown more beauty.