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Putting tens of billions into Amazon, the world’s most sexy female streamer Amouranth asserts that this is a ‘brainless’ investment

Having invested tens of billions in Amazon shares, female streamer Amouranth admits that this is a “brainless” investment. Unlike many other streamers in the world who mainly have income from donations and some other activities on the livestream platform, Amouranth is proving that, besides being a streamer, she is also a very potential investor. Besides […]

Hot girl Instagram is famous when she goes ‘check in with round 3’

With her sexy body, this Dutch hot girl pocketed hundreds of millions of VND with each Instagram post. Recently, social networking platforms have grown at an unbelievable rate and opened up thousands of opportunities to become famous for everyone. Typically, Vera Dijkmans, this hot Dutch girl is considered one of the most popular models on […]

The famous female streamer continued to show off her bold body, using the apartment’s glass door as a ‘prop’

This famous female streamer with many tricks continues to show off her body, making people “burn their eyes” even though she is just standing in her apartment. Perhaps those who follow the streamer world, especially female streamers from Korea, are no longer unfamiliar with the name Han-kyung. This girl is a name that is also […]

Just making a lookbook clip to change clothes, a beautiful female YouTuber showing off her huge income, posting pictures of posing with a newly bought supercar

The latest images of this YouTuber make many people feel surprised. Recently, Lookbook is gradually becoming one of the special content routes, attracting a lot of attention and attention on YouTube. Many people think that these are simply ways to attract, attract more views or interact on the livestream channel, but few people suspect that […]

Asking viewers to pay, at least 400k for every minute of dancing, female streamer is exhausted when she is enthusiastically donated by fans, forced to dance for more than 3 hours

Perhaps the streamer girl couldn’t have imagined that her fans would accept investments to play pranks like that. At the present time, there are many streamers, especially female streamers, who are gradually turning their livestream channel into a “dance hall”. Accordingly, instead of diversifying content routes – which is necessary in a streamer, these girls […]

So hot after the scandal that her boyfriend released hot photos, the female streamer always changed to a sexy, hot style

The extremely “mlem” body of the female streamer known as “the sexiest in the Chinese streamer village ” is not a medium size! As the first-generation female streamer in Douyu, the name LouLi GouTou was most popular at the time when the scandal of her ex-boyfriend’s release of sensitive photos and videos on social networks […]

Wearing rabbit ears and wearing a maid outfit, female streamer makes viewers go crazy

Lots of tricks to pull the current view of streamer girls . With the change and development of the streamer industry, now, the battle between cute streamer girls sometimes becomes even more fierce than that of gaming streamers. To attract viewers, being pretty is sometimes not enough, but you also have to know how to […]

As beautiful as a “billionaire fairy”, the streamer girl kept playing games and changing clothes to attract thousands of viewers

In this day and age, streamer girls just need to be pretty, not have much talent . Gone are the days when livestreaming platforms were not yet popular, when viewers only focused on channels with well-spoken streamers , highly skilled in game titles . Nowadays, especially for female streamers, sometimes just broadcasting for fans to […]

Asking each other to pose in bikinis, the two Youtubers asked difficult “Whose soul is rounder” causing the online community to twist their brains

The question of two Youtuber girls makes many people find it difficult to choose. The main characters in the above story are two famous Youtubers, Yuan Yuan and Lin Sha – who are considered the two first beauties in the YouTube village in Taiwan. As colleagues, working on the same gaming content, but the two […]

Her chest is too big to be able to zip her shirt, the female streamer casually shows off her body, shocking viewers

The action of the streamer made many fans have nosebleeds In the past few months, the name Dami has gradually become familiar to the online community when this streamer constantly appears in the clutter, noisy and often sexy stories. Not only always showing off her hot look every time she goes on air, this female […]